Spending your histamine allowance

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A little thought from my Man Food book

I look at histamine in my diet as a kind of balance sheet. Consider the idea of the histamine bucket. In other words, there’s a certain amount of histamine that we’re able to put into the body before we spill over with symptoms, and then once we’re full, no matter what we put in, low histamine or not, it causes symptoms. I realised that for most of us, it’s not the histamine bucket we need to work with. It’s the inflammation bucket.

By that I mean: adding wheat, which is inflammatory, to our bucket, is more likely to make us spill over into symptoms, than adding something like basil. That’s because basil is antihistamine and anti-inflammatory whereas wheat most certainly is not.

The simple way I explained it to people in consultations is that we have a histamine allowance. I choose to increase my allowance, or rather my spend, by eating antihistamine and anti-inflammatory foods. Because of this my diet is far higher in high histamine foods than people not eating in this way. That’s why I now call my diet histamine-balanced, rather than low histamine.

I still need to watch the pocketbook though. If I have a big trip, a party or project due, I will lower my consumption of high histamine foods in order to spend what I’ve accrued all in one go. The project thing is because I have found that in my case, and for many others, a lack of sleep and increase in stress fills up the bucket just as fast as a Big Mac. Well, it would if I still ate that kind of garbage.

You can read more about how I used the inflammation bucket theory to help me heal and add back any food I wanted back to my diet. I still don’t eat crappy foods though, one of the many valuable lessons this sickness experience has taught me.

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Please remember, even antihistamine and anti-inflammatory foods can hurt us, please always exercise caution and consult a medical practitioner before adding new foods.