BREAKING NEWS: chlorinated tap water ingredient responsible for rise in allergies

A study published in the Annals of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology reports that dichlorophenol, a chemical used tap water chlorination, is associated with an increased risk of food allergies. But fear not, scientists claim that we’re much more likely to have been absorbing it from pesticides on our fruit and vegetables, or in the cosmetics we’ve been dousing ourselves in. Phew, dodged a bullet there.

“Excessive use of dichlorophenols may contribute to the increasing incidence of food allergies in westernized societies.”

Results of the study, which measured dichlorophenol levels in the urine of over 2000 Americans, was reported on by the Daily Mail in the UK and the Huffington Post in the US. The odd part is that I can’t even say that the study was conducted today, yesterday, or even this decade. Upon checking the original study I found that the survey dates all the way back to 2005! I would love to know why a study that could have stopped thousands (at least) of people from being exposed to said ingredient (dichlorophenol), which is also found in shampoo, Dial deodorant, Colgate toothpaste, Old Spice aftershave, Neutrogena body wash, Clearasil, Revlon lipsticks, and even so called natural brands like Ahava and Avene, was not released/reported on sooner? (Click here for the full triclosan product list). I know journals have a backlog, but almost seven years? That’s the average age of my friends’ children. Kids who have spent their entire lifetime being exposed to this chemical. Most alarmingly (to me!) triclosan is found in my (former) favourite NARS Kalahari eyeshadow. Wondering if your shampoo/lipstick or bath product is likely to increase allergies? Check out the excellent product safety databases of the Environmental Working Group and the Good Guide. There are dozens of ingredients that rate just as high as triclosan and they’re found in pretty much everything. This is why I stick to ingredients whose name I recognise, with brands I have personally researched and know to be using only raw, natural products. CLICK HERE TO LEARN HOW I WORKED OUT MY TRIGGERS AND HOW TO CREATE YOUR OWN PERSONALISED HISTAMINE-BALANCED DIET.