The Histamine Survival Series – Restaurants

I suffer from a fairly rare histamine conditon. It makes eating out very difficult. It’s related to classic allergies and can be fatal. Since I am not a hermit by nature, and must eat out frequently for business reasons, I use this note so my requests may be passed on to the server/chef with minimum disruption to yourselves and my companions. I do understand that restaurants don’t cook from scratch every day, which is why I’d appreciate your help in choosing the absolute freshest items on the menu.


Histamine begins accumulating in foods almost immediately after slaughter and cooking, so please only allow me to order it if it has come in this morning. I can’t have it from frozen either.


Totally Off Limits: Insert your food list here… These are my safe foods: Insert your foods here Please help me choose items that have been cooked today. I cannot have anything cooked the day before.


All on the side please. I’m terribly sorry but I’ll have to send it back if it isn’t. Thanks so much for your help with this.

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