Histamine induced uterine contractions a danger in pregnancy.

Histamine & pregnancy

Elevated histamine levels can affect pregnancy

I was recently chatting with someone whose family member suffered back to back miscarriages over the last few years. Based on her symptoms (which came out over a casual lunch) I referred her to specialist Dirk Budka in London (now retired). Turns out her histamine and diamine oxidase levels were way out of whack and she very definitely had Histaminosis (Histamine Intolerance). It was the one thing her gynecologist never thought to check. When confronted, he reportedly shrugged and said it was such a random thing that he would never have thought to check, but that certainly, the abnormally high histamine levels could have played a part in the miscarriages.Digging up some research after our chat I found this study:
Elevated histamine plasma levels have been shown in women during preterm compared with term labour (Caldwell et al., 1988). Hence, histamine might stimulate both preterm and term labour in an indirect and direct way.
There was more interesting information on animal studies that I prefer not to post. It’s a long study, well worth the read. More digging turned up a study released just a few days ago pointing to histamine’s role in pre-eclampsia. Luckily for most, women’s bodies produce an incredible 500% – 1000% increase in histamine-lowering Diamine Oxidase (DAO) during pregnancy! The human body is an intricate machine….