Why you should be playing with food…

natural antihistamine shots with nigella sativa

Eating the same thing over and over numbs the appetite. Nowadays when I slip into “can’t be bothered to cook/eat/grocery shop” mode, I realise what’s amiss.


Eating for health means easily falling prey to the “it’s ugly and tastes nasty so it must be good for me” way of thinking.


Convincing yourself that the high nutrient low histamine, or antihistamine and anti-inflammatory diet, means you’ll never enjoy food again is just plain wrong.

Check out how I up-cycled this bottle of Patron tequila…shown here served with ground (antihistaminic) nigella sativa seeds.

Unfortunately inspiration struck as the sun was almost down. Will retake this shot soon.

Sometimes it’s fun just to play with food for the hell of it!

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