Plant Powered Supercharge

There are two things that immediately spring to mind when I’m asked for the fastest, cheapest, and easiest way of fighting histamine inflammation:
  1. Remove junk and processed food from your diet
  2. Go plant based, for at least a time
I’m not saying we need to buy into the vegan ideology and start wearing pleather, but rather that a short burst of plant power can help kickstart the inflammation healing process. Going plant based for about a year made a huge difference to my health, and I’m once again favouring a mostly green diet nowadays. For this reason, and because of the staggering number of emails I’ve received since launching the histamine reset, I’ve created a plant only version of my four week program. The new 28 day plant based histamine reset features amazing foods with antihistamine and anti-inflammatory properties found in your local supermarket. There’s also a dose of meditation, stress relief, and happiness strategies. I’ve often referred to happiness as the best antihistamine. If you’re not interested in embracing plants long term, you’ll also have access to the regular version of the plan, plus the 7 day vegan meal planner, and the 7 day low histamine and low salicylate planner. I created these so that you have a quick guide to dive into any time you need a reset. If you’ve already purchased the original program, please don’t worry, you’ve just been given access to the plant based meal planners. You’ll now find an icon to click in weeks 1-4. 


Quercetin, rutin, and luteolin are bioflavonoids with antihistamine and anti-inflammatory properties. While we can take them in supplement form, tens of thousands of readers just like you have found that a diet rich in these compounds significantly beneficial. Studies have shown that quercetin is more effective than the most commonly prescribed mast cell stabiliser at preventing  the release if histamine and other inflammatory agents like prostaglandins in the body. In case you’ve missed it: histamine is found in foods but also in the body, where it lives in white blood cells called “mast cells”. When mast cells are triggered (by stress, allergies, foods with histamine, chemicals, medications, and others), they release histamine and other inflammatory molecules into the bloodstream. This is a quick overview of what I cover in detail in the Histamine Reset


Polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) found in foods with high omega 6 content (like soy beans, sunflower oil, animal meats) generate free radicals. Not only are these linked to cancer and age related disease, but they also trigger mast cells into releasing histamine. Antioxidant foods can help prevent this damage. Research tells us that consuming antioxidant foods at every meal helps us stay out of “oxidative debt”. Dr. Michael McGregor, New York Times bestselling author of How Not to Die, tells us that antioxidants are required at every meal, not just once a day. This is why every meal in my planner, and in my personal life, features antioxidant rich foods to help battle inflammation.


In addition to everything below you’ll get:
  • A 7 day ultra low histamine vegan meal planner
  • A 7 day ultra low histamine low histamine and low salicylate meal planner
  • The 28 day plant based histamine reset program with plant based meals
  • The 28 day regular histamine reset program with animal protein
  • Yasmina’s Shopping List
  • Tips & Techniques For Relaxation & Stress Reduction
  • This Histamine Detective Worksheet
  • Weekly Inspirational Videos
  • Weekly Video Tutorials
  • Weekly Workbook
  • Weekly Recipes
  • Monthly surprise additions to the program.
Plus all of this…
Week 1:
  • What is histamine intolerance?
  • Understanding the Inflammation bucket
  • Traditional “Histamine Diets” vs. The Healing Histamine Approach
  • Detoxifying your kitchen
  • Identifying Histamine Foods
  • Symptom Tracking
  • Recommended supplements
  • Recommended meditations & stress relief exercises
  • Weekly recipes
Week 2:
  • Kitchen Hacking
  • Dealing with anger and remorse
  • Detoxifying your bath and beauty routine
  • Symptom Tracking
  • Recommended supplements
  • Recommended meditations & stress relief exercises
  • Weekly recipes
Week 3:
  • Histamine’s role in leaky gut
  • Bath & Beauty (continued)
  • Symptom Tracking
  • Food additives & dyes to avoid
  • Weekly Meditation & stress relief
  • Weekly recipes
Week 4:
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