Merry Christmas!


Hi all – I’ve been desperate to share my Christmas books with you but have been having major issues with my online store. A new one will be up in the new year finally. But better late than never…

As with all my books, these, though super tasty, are stuffed full with antihistamine and anti-inflammatory ingredients. I’ve left the descriptions here a little vague simply because the recipes are incredibly versatile – you can trade most ingredients with other things, even the main ones. For example, the kebabs can be made with any protein you like, the pecan pie with any nut you like, or any fruit! Just takes a little imagination…


From now till December 31st, you’ll receive two free ebooks with the purchase of any cookbook. They will be bundled in with your main download.

Happy Holidays – 50 page ebook of recipes for family enjoyment. 

Turmeric glazed Cornish game hens

Garlic & Rosemary duck

Creamy mash

Cranberry sauce two ways and compote



Gingerbread cookies



Pecan pie

Sweet potato pie

Cocktails & Canapés – 45 page ebook for entertaining at home (or even just for the family)

Cocktails (totally delish without the alcohol too!)

White Russian

Sugar free mojito

Watermelon and ginger martini

Ginger martini

Sex on the peach


Zucchini summer rolls

Mini falafel with dip

Forest pudding

Plantain chips



Vietnamese rolls

Mini kebabs

Salmon (or other protein) balls


Hope you enjoy them as much as we did!

Happy holidays!


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