Histamine Intolerance interview: Dr Janice Joneja part 1

Yasmina Ykelenstam (the Low Histamine Chef) interviews histamine intolerance and allergy researcher, immunologist and nutritionist Dr. Janice Joneja. In part 1: – Why you may still be able to eat tomatoes – How lowering your histamine level can help minimize allergies (if you’re histamine intolerant or lacking the histamine-lowering diamine oxidase enzyme) – Why elimination is counterproductive (wait, haven’t we been saying that too?) – How to figure out whether you have histamine intolerance (not what you’d expect a doctor to tell you!) – Why high histamine food lists vary – The answer to why some low histamine foods still bother you (starts with a B!) – Why some foods with antihistaminic properties still appear on high histamine lists – Third generation probiotics that poop out histamine lowering diamine oxidase – How your brain is tripping up recovery
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