Antihistamine foods: Sweet Potato Gnocchi

low histamine recipes

The best thing about writing low histamine recipe cookbooks? I get to play with food all day…

I do enjoy the research, immensely, but there’s nothing like getting down and dirty with a big ol’ bowl of dough for the better part of the afternoon.

I don’t have any experience with making pasta from scratch, so I had a browse for gluten free gnocchi recipes online. I’m not done yet, but in the meantime you can find the original recipe on the Popular Paleo blog. My recipe isn’t paleo, but can be. It took her a couple of goes to get it right so I’m going to take my time on this one. The colours are amazing already though!

Sweet potato: high in histamine lowering rutin and quercetin. Significant anti inflammatory and anti ulcerogenic action.
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